Mercer Island Native Garden: A Rich Botanical Collection

The Mercer Island Native Garden includes wooded trails and a designated wetland.

The Mercer Island Native Garden, in Mercerdale Park adjacent to the Recycling Center, was envisioned by the late Mercer Island High School teacher and ecologist Harry Leavitt as an ecology study and demonstration landscape. It has historically been the site of ecological study and experimentation, including the use of rainwater stored in barrels from the Recycling Center roof for irrigation during the dry season.

Native plant experts have recently identified at least 29 different native species growing within the borders of the Native Garden. These species include: evergreen and deciduous trees, shrubs, vines, herbaceous flowering plants, ferns and ground covers. The Mercer Island Native Garden needs protection to provide habitat for animals and birds and to further the preservation, enjoyment and study of native plants.

Currently maintained by the Mercer Island Parks and Recreation Department, the Native Garden provides the only level woodland area easily accessible from the Mercerdale Park Great Lawn and Circular Pathway. Families enjoy the Native Garden’s spring wildflowers and shaded benches for summer picnics, and children hunt woodland bugs and wetland creatures in all seasons along the waterway.

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