BICENTENNIAL PARK: Mercer Island’s ONLY Historical Parkland

In 1974, the national American Revolution Bicentennial Administration recommended that local communities develop a “Community Horizon—building for the future.”

BICENTENNIAL PARK, at SE 32nd Street and 77th Avenue SE, stands as a proud reminder of Islanders’ vision and commitment to honor the founding of our country.


Motivated by this challenge, Mercer Island citizens envisioned a downtown park with a plaza and flagpole for official ceremonies, civic gatherings and individual enjoyment.  Citizens raised funds, designed and built the park—with volunteer labor.

On July 4, 1976, Bicentennial Park was dedicated in an impressive ceremony. The Park includes a flagpole in a circular garden surrounded by a paved circular plaza with a low wall and steps.

Still today, over 40 years later, the shaded plaza welcomes families and Town Center employees for lunch breaks. Year-round, including during summer's Farmers Markets, park visitors enjoy Bicentennial Park--the historic Mercer Island community monument to our country’s beginning.