Happy New Year


Concerned Citizens For Mercer Island Parks!!

As the calendar turns to a New Year, let’s first look back briefly at 2018……

·        At Mercerdale Park, over 20 volunteers worked for hundreds of hours improving the Native Plant Garden; teaching Junior Naturalist Programs throughout the summer; and posting Bird and Flower of the Month informational placards at the entrance

·        With City approval, we applied for and were awarded a grant from the Washington Native Plant Society to design and purchase 50 permanent informational plant markers for installation in the Native Plant Garden

·        We advocated for placing all Mercer Island parks and open spaces in a conservancy trust to provide these precious public lands greater protection from development

·        MICA turned its attention to the Tully’s site, thus reducing, but not eliminating, the threat to build a large private facility at Mercerdale Park

·        Many residents provided input to City staff about how a Master Plan for Aubrey Davis Park should be formulated (a Master Plan provides the road map of how a park should be used, developed, and maintained)

For 2019, we are planning to…

·        Remain vigilant on the location of MICA, and continue to ask MICA leadership to tear up the 2016 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the City  that gives MICA an 80-year lease to build at Mercerdale Park

·        Step up our efforts to place all Island parks and open spaces in a conservancy trust (like Pioneer Park)

·        Monitor City plans to cut funding for our parks and advocate for prudent and sensible budget cuts that do not affect our parks

·        Continue recruiting, training and organizing volunteers to improve and enhance our parks and open spaces

·        Continue to advocate for our parks by participating in City meetings and discussions focused on our parks

·        Seek additional funding for our parks through grant applications

We sincerely appreciate your continued support.  Enjoy our Mercer Island Parks!!


Meg Lippert & Peter Struck, CCMIP co-chairs 

PS: On Tuesday, January 15th, the City staff will present to the City Council its initial thoughts on the Master Plan for Aubrey Davis Park. Please attend the City Council meeting or watch the live stream/video if you cannot attend in person.