CCMIP’s principal activities include educating and publicizing information on Mercer island Parks

Toward that end, CCMIP elicited responses from Mercer Island City Council candidates on four (4) park-related issues.

Each question was phrased with a specific one-word response requested – just as if one were voting in Council chambers-with space provided for additional commentary.

What We Learned:

Of the candidates responding there are definite differences on how they view the four (4) specific issues.

Most candidates, but not all, are in favor of:

o Putting the parks in a trust for greater legal protection

o Temporarily suspending the use of the herbicide Roundup

o Saving the Linear Park (by Tully’s) from development encroachment

o Greater community input on how to manage Aubrey Davis Park

Here are the summary views of each candidate: (Each candidate's full response can be found if you click here.)


Our Process

On September 3rd, CCMIP sent e-mails to each of the 10 candidates for Mercer Island City Council seats.

We used each candidate’s official e-mail as listed on the State of Washington PDC website. Two subsequent reminders were sent to those candidates that had not responded. (We did not receive any “bounce backs” so can assume the e-mails reached their intended recipients.)

As of the September 25th deadline, 9 of the 10 candidates responded.

If the candidate failed to answer the question or didn’t respond we so noted that. Again, each candidate's full response can be found here.