Thank You for your Support!


This update includes some good news and some future plans.



1.       THOUSANDS OF SIGNATURES: 2,285 Mercer Island Citizens signed petitions requesting voter approval before city park property can be given to a private organization, demonstrating broad Community support to protect our parks.


2.       THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS: Mercer Islanders have contributed over $25,000 to CCMIP to support our efforts to save Mercerdale Park.


3.       MICA STRATEGY EXPOSED: MICA is attempting to skirt requirements of the Mercer Island City Code to fast track the granting of their lease.


4.       DOZENS OF CITIZENS FILE AGAINST MICA’s SEPA APPLICATION: In late August, MICA submitted their answers to the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) questionnaire. 26 individuals filed over 450 pages of comments pointing out errors in MICA’s answers and protesting MICA’s building in the park. MICA has not responded.

*From MICA's site: "As is customary for projects of this scope and nature, design work on the project continues and details will continue to evolve throughout the design process."