MERCERDALE PARK: A Threatened Green Space on Mercer Island

The Great Lawn of Mercerdale Park, looking West towards the Native Plant Garden, is used throughout the year for community events and gatherings.


Mercerdale Park is a 12-acre tract adjacent to the Mercer Island Town Center. The park includes a 2.5 acre “Great Lawn” used for community events and gatherings throughout the year.

Historically, the citizens of Mercer Island have protected Mercerdale Park from construction proposed by our City Council: first in 1985 when the City Council planned to build a Community Center, a Public Plaza, Municipal Offices, a District Court, a Performing and Visual Arts Facility, Parking, a Library and a Fire Station in Mercerdale Park; and, then again, in 1997 when the City Council planned to site a new Fire Station there.  Outraged citizens organized, protested and petitioned the City Council; gathered signatures for an initiative; and eventually won the battles to protect our public parkland against these threats.

Now an acre of Mercerdale Park is threatened by the development of a huge 28,000 square foot building (about 30 feet high or the equivalent of 3 stories). Our public parkland, including its historical, cultural and natural legacies, has been defended and protected for us by former generations. Now it's our turn...

Since May 2015, Concerned Citizens for Mercer Island Parks (CCMIP) has been working to again protect these resources for our community and future generations.  The natural, historical and cultural resources of the Native Plant Garden, Bicentennial Park and the Recycling Center are all currently threatened by the proposed building.  All of these will be destroyed if plans for the building's construction are approved.